BIMELKA continues its works to add engineering and innovation to the manufacturing sector. Founders are engineers who have years of experience in different departments in the manufacturing sector.

It is proceeding with confident steps with the management and staff who have the principle of continuous enhancement and improvement.


In accordance with international standards within the scope of the services rendered by our organization; Our customers have technical / administrative knowledge and experience that we have; we provide the most appropriate, accurate and most economical solutions in the fastest way possible. We also implement the 'Continuous Improvement' philosophy in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management Systems

Vision & Mision

MISION: To be a technology-oriented company by creating sustainable values for the country's industry, ensuring that our business partners reach innovative products at optimum costs, creating work environments where our employees will work with happiness and pleasure. VISION: Being a global company that focuses on sustainable corporate values that works, develops and seeks better every day.

Business Qualified

Determining the products that are right for you before ordering is at a business-quality-maximized level because of our belief in the quality of work with our colleagues and our business efficiency.


Uninterrupted SERVİCE

Professional PLANNING

Expert STAFF

Professional CUTTING